Stormer Marine BV

Stormer Marine combines Dutch shipbuilding craft with the latest technologies in marine design, engineering, build and propulsion. The construction and all materials used are geared for the heaviest sea conditions and continuous use, if necessary, in those conditions.

The RIB 75 features an 8mm aluminium hull, best-in-market inflatable D-tube and heavy- duty suspension seats. It also offers a well-designed D-fender and, internally, plenty of space to move and work.

Stormer Marine builds boats across the workboat sector for a range of categories, Tug, Patrol, Rescue, Porter, Harbour and RIB.

Stormer Marine says, “We build your boat for your specific application. Fast passenger transport requires a different design to a heavy towing vessel. We listen to your requirements and then engineer and build your boat to measure. Work boats should work. Always. We therefore insist on using the best quality parts.