USV Conference Speakers

  • Peter Collinson

    Senior Subsea and Environmental Specialist, BP International Limited

  • Brett Phaneuf

    Keynote Speaker - Session 1
    Founder & Chief Executive, Submergence Group LLC (USA) / M Subs Ltd (UK)

  • Dan Hook

    Speaker: Session 1
    Managing Director, Armada

  • Neil Tinmouth

    Speaker: Session 1
    Chief Operating Officer, Sea-Kit

  • James Williams

    Speaker: Session 1
    Director, Unmanned Survey Solutions

  • Alex Langley

    Speaker: Session 1
    Head of Geospatial Services, Glanville Geospatial Services

  • Dr Katrina Kemp

    Speaker: Session 1
    Smart Ships & Automation Policy Officer, MCA

  • Terry Wood

    Speaker: Session 1
    Principal Systems Robotics Engineer, National Oceanography Centre (NOC)

  • Dr James Strong

    Speaker: Session 1
    Marine Ecologist, NOC

  • Simon Cheeseman

    Panel Moderator : Session 2
    Sector Lead, Wave & Tidal Energy, ORE Catapult

  • Arun Pillai

    Panellist: Session 2
    Principal Naval Architect (Structures), Houlder Ltd