Sweden’s Marine Jet Power launches new hybrid water jet

The new hybrid waterjet completes the MJP rang The new hybrid waterjet completes the MJP rang

Sweden’s Marine Jet Power (MJP) has introduced what it calls a totally new product concept for a hybrid waterjet to the market, optimised for high-speed applications with a duplex stainless steel superior pump unit.

“We are proud and happy to launch our new hybrid to the market and we strongly believe that the MJP hybrid will be received with open arms. We have succeeded in developing a product with a unique combination of high performance and competitive pricing,” said Hans Andersson, vice-president communications, MJP.

He pointed out that the idea to take the best attributes from the DRB and Ultrajet series and make a hybrid waterjet optimised for high-speed applications came soon after MJP’s merger with Ultrajet.

Mr Andersson said that with the hybrid addition, MJP now offers a complete range of waterjets to the market. Joakim Adamsson, product manager, MJP, told Maritime Journal that the product is aimed and designed more at the commercial and naval markets, such as wind farm vessels, crew boats and fast ferries and patrol vessels with high speed and power and high utilisation.

Mr Adamsson, MJP, said: "The pedigree of this product is that it’s a mixed flow pump with inherent much higher efficiencies then axial flow pumps for high speed vessels. Compared to the competitors it has roller bearings and not water lubricated radial bearings and the thrust bearing is located out in the jet. Having this bearing arrangement means that we can minimise the blade tip clearance which maximise the efficiencies, and with roller bearings there will be no degradation in thrust as can be the case with jets with water lubrication bearings."

He pointed out that the jet also has the well tested GRP bend in front of the stainless steel pump to help eliminate and/or minimise the corrosion issues in the inlet duct, a common problem with stainless steel jets in aluminium hulls.

"The hydraulics are built on the jet and the hydraulic pump is still to be driven by a PTO on the gearbox or engine as this is much more reliable then belt driven pumps. It also provides hydraulic pressure before the gearbox is clutched in, hence the zero thrust can be adjusted much easier than with a belt driven pump on the jet."
All the hydraulics will be connected at the factory and the PTO pump will come with hoses connected, flushed and tested from the factory, minimising commission and start up for the yards.

Visit Swedish Marine on stand A2 at Seawork next June.

This article was first published in Maritime Journal

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