Showcasing Speed@Seawork innovations

The Dyena system was exhibited at Speed@Seawork and was showcased on the Ring Powercraft RIB, as well as at Seawork, where it was also entered into the Innovations Showcase.

The Dyena OFFSHORE system can be fitted to vessels to autonomously record and provide operational data on daily activities including acceleration and vessel motion in 6 axes and GPS position and speed, as well as the crew manifest, system maintenance and remote working apps. All data is automatically relayed to a secure remote server, where it can be reviewed online globally to ensure crew safety and maximise productivity.

James Glover, Dyena, “We had an awesome day at Speed@Seawork today, showcasing ourvessel monitoring and crew tracking systemwhich is designed for government agencies, militaries andcommercial operators, it is ideally suited to vessels below 24m, that are undertaking fast transits with multiple crew.  The ‘Black Box’ that sits in the boat constantly recording to memory acceleration, speed, time, location, course over ground, engine parameters, RPM etc.  There are extra sensors that can be placed in compartments around the boat to record to take readings from different sides of the boat.  The system is completely autonomous, when the vessel returns to port and connects to a wi-fi network or 4G hub, the data is automatically uploaded to the cloud so it viewed by anywhere in the world, so that vessel owners / operators have a full overview of operations and crew.  All this information is incredibly useful for the pro-active management of the vessel and crew and in   In the event of an incident the forensic data is available to study.”

Dyena can be found on stand A37.

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