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Finnish designer and builder of rigid-hulled inflatable boats for authority and military customers, Boomeranger will showcase its Boomeranger 950D at Speed@Seawork and Seawork.

The Boomeranger Special Operations Boats are customised to the requirements of the customer for troop transport and insertion, boarding, fire support, diver, kayak and inflatable operations, helicopter-underslung, air-drop and transport by road, sea and air for world-wide deployment. Cargo rails on the deck allow mission specific arrangement of seats and equipment.

The hulls can be composite or aluminium, either 9,5 m or 10,5 m with a beam of 3m. Depending on outboard selection the max speed is 55-60 kn, with a maximum load of 2000 kg.

Tubing is three piece, consisting of inflatable Hypalon side tubes and foam bow section. The D-tube provides additional deck space while still maintaining extreme performance in rough seas. Heavy duty rubbing strake protects the tube on the whole length. Additional storage compartments are also added on the sides of the deck.

An aluminium telescopic mast can be deployed for radar, thermal imaging camera and antennas. Hydraulic height adjustability allows lowering the mast by 50cm with a push of a button. For example, in a boarding situation, in the lower position, expensive radar and comms antennas are protected from hitting the side of the ships. Also, low bridges can be driven under with no tools needed to lower the mast.

The Boomeranger 950D features an ergonomic aluminium console with tilting steering wheel and precisely positioned control units in the middle console, allowing driver and navigator to take advantage of the latest technology whilst providing excellent visibility and situational awareness. Grab rails and adjustable foot rests give a comfortable ride even in the hardest environments.

Shock mitigating seats are attached to deck rails with quick release system to allow easy modifications to the deck arrangement even during operations. Ullman Atlantic Fold Up seats for driver and navigator allows semi-standing position for slow speeds and extreme suspension in hard seas. Foldable Shoxs 5600/5700 combo seats allow versatility for passenger arrangement with excellent shock mitigation performance.

The boat is equipped with a deck rail system and anti-slip covering mat between tracks to provide a flat deck surface. Rail compatible plates and racks are available for gun mounts, ammunition and diving gear, for example. Bow box and other storage compartments provide excellent space for equipment while maintaining maximum deck space.

Simrad 16-inch multi-touch screens allow customisation for displaying engine data, charts, radar and thermal image for both the driver and the navigator. The new 4G radar offers sharper beam and dual range radar usage simultaneously. Savox IMP intercom system allows easy communication inside the boat and with radio equipment.

The Boomeranger C-950D Special Operations Boat fits inside a forty-foot sea container. A custom cradle with wheels is available to allow fast and easy loading and unloading.

The hull is ready to be equipped with airdrop lashing points to allow aerial delivery of the boat with the MCADS system. 4-point lifting points are ready and a heli-underslung option is available. Single point lifting system is also available on special request.

The expert team at Boomeranger provide a range of services from concept design to the provision of technical documentation such as illustrated spare parts catalogues and maintenance programmes, user and technical training, spare part packages, repairs and maintenance.

Boomeranger service partners are available to assist with maintenance and repairs globally.

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