Suspension seats in action

Customisable biomechanic protection increases impact mitigation. “Constant or single impacts, shock blasts or vibrations can reduce proficiency and cause fatigue, pain, injuries or even death.” In extreme conditions, a crew can be subjected to up to 17Gs slamming load and sideloads of 4G - it doesn’t take a genius to work out that’s not a sustainable situation.

Speed@Seawork will see three specialist seat manufacturers showcase their marine safety solutions for fast vessel operations

Shockwave has been refining marine suspension solutions to provide increased impact mitigation on the water since 2001.  Working with leading military and safety organizations to customize marine suspension solutions for their specific use, Shockwave states its focus is on safety, comfort and accessibility. Based in Canada, the company has plenty of opportunity to do real-world testing on the North Pacific Ocean in some of the most severe conditions on the planet.

With customizable, yet simple and robust, construction the SHOCKWAVE S Series allows clients to combine various options to meet their specific needs. From low back, post-mounted suspension to high back and drop-down seats, the S Series is manufactured with high energy absorption, form fitting Corbin design cushions, welded aluminum and stainless steel components. The SHOCKWAVE S2 and S3 provide additional options and configurations, including where the captain needs to be seated while the crew remains upright but suspended.

Using triple-axis suspension, military-grade material and patented design, the SHOCKWAVE ICE (Integrated Control Environment) supports occupants, electronics and other key vessel components inside a single independent unit. The contained environment provides comfort and safety and ease of communication; controls and electronics are suspended along with occupants, mitigating wave impact and allowing users to travel farther and faster.

Scot Seat focusses on developing products that help protect passengers so that they are not only comfortable but also safe on a vessel.

The new Height Adjustment Mechanism ensures passenger biomechanics are correctly positioned. The easy-to-use one-touch button lets users adjust the seat height as they sit down and again as they stand up.  This means that whatever the height of the passengers they can ensure that their posture and leg position is correct when seated and they are well positioned not to cause harm or injury.

Scot Seat works in partnership with SKYDEX and incorporate their cushion inserts into all their range of marine and military vehicle seating.  Scot Seat use different types and thicknesses of SKYDEX product to match different seating solutions. Unlike foam seat cushions that compress under user weight, SKYDEX Cushion Inserts do not load significantly until impact, maximising shock absorption effectiveness. SKYDEX shock mitigation technology reduces impact and whole-body vibration from repeated shock events, helping address the requirements of the EU Vibration Directive 2002/44/EC.

Scot Seat Managing Director, Jonathan Young says, “Our seats are always designed to the highest safety specifications, but it is important to also ensure that they are as comfortable as possible. All our seating innovations ensure the reduction of shock impact on occupants.”

SHOXS has over 10 years’ experience in working closely with Military Groups worldwide to understand their needs and requirements; this expertise has led to the development of a new type of Shock Mitigation Technology that is equally at home on a high spec commercial craft or a leisure craft pushing out to the best fishing grounds.

The company’s new X Series Shock Mitigating Pedestals come in 4.4” and 8” suspension travel formats and are designed to work with any seat a client may wish to use, including SHOXS own brand bucket seating such as the 3200 or 3900. The innovative adjustable mounting flange gives the flexibility of mounting the seat direct to the deck or through a deck/seat box to set the seat at the perfect location for individual craft.

The X4, the first of many X Series pedestals, will have its European launch at Seawork.

SHOXS has a long history of reducing impacts and injury on military and commercial boats, and says it’s now bringing that same technology to the recreation market; “You’ll be amazed at how comfortable your ride will be when you have the latest impact reducing technology right under your seat.”

Speed@Seawork Sea Trials - 2 July

Speed@Seawork Conference - 3 July

See Shockwave on Stand PG15

See Scot Seat on Stand PG89

See SHOXS on Stand A129

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