Vera Navis lead the way

VERA NAVIS is an active multi-platform provider of ship design and production services and technology, as well as a lighthouse ShipConstructor ® user.

In the collaborative and PLM worlds new opportunities are now available to Vera Navis and its partners and customers as a result of the recently accomplished proof of concept by SSI and PROSTEP which demonstrates importing a rich ShipConstructor data set/model into Siemens TeamCenter via SSI's EnterprisePlatform and PROSTEP’s OpenPDM integration platform.

The leading organisations in the commercial marine industry are increasingly those that can access data and models where and when they are needed most, matching Vera Navis mission statement to "provide what is required, on-time and on-budget".

Vera Navis's vision of the SSI Open Shipbuilding Platform being the hub of a platform of platforms ecosystem is also strengthened by the now proven synergy with Siemens' Team Centre, used by many in Europe.   Progress towards validating exports to other systems is being made every day. The R&D initiative is overseen by NDAR, France, SSI's Senior Partner EMEA, extending to other major CAD systems specific to the ship design and building industry.

Nick Danese, CEO of NDAR says, "SSI's EnterprisePlatform was designed to be the cornerstone of a collaborative environment with ShipConstructor at its hub. Denis Morais (Co-CEO of SSI) and I presented this concept to the market and at conferences with that in mind. It took just a few hours for our partners at PROSTEP to prove us right thanks to their equally ubiquitous OpenPDM system. Although they will not benefit from the SSI PLM solution, non-ShipConstructor users will now have access to the ultra-rich ShipConstructor model environment."

Pedro Antunes, CEO of Vera Navis, sees this innovative advance as "an opportunity to widen the market spectrum served by Vera Navis with an increased added value and augmented ROI via a quasi-zero investment on our side thanks to the ShipConstructor foundation already in place".

Matthias Grau, Head of PROSTEP Hamburg office and responsible for shipbuilding, commented, "ShipConstructor is one of the leading design tools for shipbuilding and shipping industry. Through our cooperation with SSI, we are about to close another important gap in the shipyard’s tool eco system in the digital thread along the ship development process and strengthening our market position in this important industry as an IT systems integrator”.

See Pedro Antunes and Nick Danese at the Vera Navis Stand SB23

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