Tornado Boats launch a new Shock Mitigation Suspension Seat at Seawork

Zero G2 Shock Mitigation Suspension Seat

Tornado Boats International are very proud to announce the launching of a new Shock Mitigation Suspension Seat for use on RIBs worldwide. The Zero G2 Shock Mitigation Suspension Seat is constructed from 100% aluminum which makes it extremely robust and long-lasting.

Besides its durability, the Zero G2 model seat manifests its quality in the critical area of impact absorption. The secret of good seat suspension is to de-accelerate the body over the greatest distance possible in a controlled manner. This means that the seat starts off soft, and the spring rises as it compresses, slowing the body down progressively and gently. This gives maximum comfort in rough sea, and makes the seat ideal for Military, Search & Rescue, Offshore and Law Enforcement use.

The seat combines these features with a 30-liter Storage Box and full adjustability, and is constructed from Military Specification Anodized Alloy, which make the seat virtually maintenance free. The Shock Absorber is from Fox Defense with Proprietary Kashima Coating, and is oil damped with infinitely adjustable air spring.

Technical specifications:

  • Seat Height adjustment (unloaded): 660-860 mm.
  • Suspension Travel: 195 mm.
  • Spring Rate adjustable to suit persons with weight: 50-190 kg.
  • Weight: 26 kg.
  • Length (including back rest): 550 mm.
  • Width (with standard seat back): 270 mm
  • Base Dimensions: 340 (length) x 270-370 (width) mm.
  • Storage Box Volume: 30 l.

Tornado are also bringing an old classic, the Zero G1 Shock Mitigation Suspension Seat to Seawork 2018. Compared to the Zero G2 Model, which is specifically designed for Military use, this model is a lighter version without a storage box.  It also has great impact absorption, as well as the inherent quality of enhancing balance control when standing.  This is achieved with a long and narrow cushion, that allows the user to place the feet on both sides and squeezing the legs against the seat to maintain the balance in rough sea, while always being able to sit comfortably if needed.

Lars Hjorth, Owner, Tornado Boats International, explained, “The difference between our two models is that our new Zero G2 High Mitigation Suspension Seat is specifically designed for Military and Law Enforcement use, while our other model, the Zero G1, is designed for various kinds of uses. We’ve received requests from military customers expressing a wish for a seat that looks more robust and has more different seat configurations, and that’s why we developed this new model.”

Technical specifications:

  • Seat Height adjusted (unloaded): 710-830 mm.
  • Suspension Travel: 195 mm.
  • Spring Rate adjustable to suit persons with weight: 50-190 kg.
  • Weight: 18 kg.
  • Length (including back rest): 540 mm.
  • Width (with standard seat back): 285 mm.
  • Base Dimensions: 350 x 200 mm.

Visit Tornado Boats International on stand PG 107 - have a cup of coffee with Lars Hjorth and try the new Shock Mitigation Suspension Seat.

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