Ship Ship Shape IMO raise awareness of legislation on cabin and restroom equipment at Seawork

See Ship Shape IMO on stand PG139 See Ship Shape IMO on stand PG139.

Ship Shape IMO are currently highlighting the issues that can occur with poor quality non-compliant mattresses and bedding ahead of Seawork. They are also raising awareness of the IMO/SOLAS and the MED Wheelmark legislation coupled with the Maritime Labour Convention that affects cabin and restroom equipment.

Ship Shape IMO recognise that these legislations are sometimes passed over as they are not considered to be of high importance, however if ignored they may end up being very costly for the operators and more importantly invalidating insurance policies.

Returning to Seawork this year, Ship Shape IMO will be promoting the importance of a good nights’ sleep in a clean environment and comfortable accommodation as a major factor in improving crew efficiency. This is never more important than when working in the Offshore Marine Industry, where there is an increased risk of exposure to hazards and potential dangers. An alert workforce has been proven to improve productivity and reduce accidents and mistakes.

Therefore, it is in the interest of commercial operators to ensure that their crews have a high standard of living quarters and a comfortable place to rest and recuperate.

Ship Shape IMO are offshore cabin equipment and consumable suppliers specialising in compliant products.  This year at Seawork they will display mattresses, bedding, flooring, storage solutions, restroom equipment and Mattress Ventilation Underlay - a must now under the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) to ensure your crew have a high standard of accommodation on board.

They offer one of the largest ranges of IMO SOLAS and WheelMark Compliant Cabin products in the world, for the offshore marine industry. All products are designed to meet the stringent safety standards required by Offshore commercial vessels and are compliant with a range of SOLAS, IMO, MED WHEELMARK, CRIB / Source 5 or 7 Fire Safety Standards. All WheelMarked products are also compatible with the USCG Us Coast Guard. These are all essential in adhering to maritime laws and regulations.

See Ship Shape IMO on stand PG139

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