Lyngaa Marine chosen for bridge control system

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Danish offshore operator, World Marine Offshore (WMO) has chosen Lyngaa Marine’s LMB2100dual bridge control system. WMO is the owner of six crew transfer vessels built at Fjellstrand shipyard in Norway.

Lyngaa Marine says World Marine Offshore had faced a number of technical issues with its previous system, including components failing, simple failures on gear not giving alarms and causing severe damage, as well as huge invoices for spares and services. This was in addition to lost hire and increased maintenance costs.

One of the challenges for WMO vessels is that each gear has two engines, giving the equivalent of four diesel engines. The system has to be able to operate with all combinations of engine engaged and those engagements should only be possible when safe.

LMB2100dual offers two independent systems, one for each gear, with the bridge panel containing both port and starboard control systems.  Engine engagement is supervised by the computer. This provides an additional ergonomic benefit for operators of wind farm vessels who often sit many hours in standby, making small adjustments on propellers to maintain the position and angle to the sea. With the control system engaged they are no longer chained to the controls. Manual engine engagement is also possible in “emergency mode”.

The LMB2100dual allows all pressures and temperatures to be supervised and displayed in the conning display. Failures on clutch pressure will immediately declutch and low hydraulic pressure will first initialize an alarm and then stop the engines. The displays with white background are very easy to read and improve the working environment for the operators.

LMB2100 has the option of a cloud connection. When the network is connected to the internet the LMB2100 will automatically appear on the screens in the owner’s technical department and Lyngaa Marine service department. Display, alarm list and logs, as well as all adjustments, will be visible and adjustments can be performed by authorised engineers. This is a powerful tool for helping the crew onboard.

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