Hempel showcases award-winning hull coating Hempaguard®

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Leading global coatings provider Hempel is showcasing its innovative fouling defence coating solution Hempaguard X7 at Seawork. Developed to support shipowners in their drive for maximum operational efficiency and the industry’s push to reduce CO2 emissions. Hempaguard X7 is particularly suitable for the unique trading patterns of workboats and coastal vessels.

It has been calculated that even minor fouling will have a significant impact on the ship’s hydrodynamics and fuel consumption. The smallest micro-fouling is caused by slime and can result in an increased fuel consumption of between seven to nine per cent, as the vessel uses more fuel to counter the increased drag. Macro-fouling, seaweed, barnacles, oysters and mussels, typically increases the engine power needed by about 18 to 20 per cent over five years.

By choosing a premium hull coating solution such as Hempaguard X7 shipowners can benefit from a significant six per cent fuel saving compared with best-in-class antifoulings over the entire service interval. Hempaguard has been very well received by shipowners worldwide and has achieved an impressive 1,400 full vessel applications since its launch in 2012.

Its uniqueness is owed to the fact that Hempaguard is the only hull coating to combine the low surface friction of silicone with efficient fouling preventing biocides in a single coat – Hempel’s patented innovative Actiguard® technology. Unlike regular hull coatings that are usually specified according to the vessel’s speed and activity level, Hempaguard coatings retain effectiveness when switching between slow and fast steaming – so a vessel can change sailing routes and trading patterns without losing performance. This offers shipowners and operators unrivalled flexibility in their fleet utilisation. What’s more, it remains effective in waters of varying temperatures and during idle periods of up to 120 days.

Hempaguard X7 also releases 95 per cent less biocide than traditional antifoulings, helping shipowners to minimise their environmental footprint, but still delivers better fouling control than other solutions.

Hempaguard X7 at a glance:

  • Six per cent fuel savings compared with best-in-class antifoulings over the entire docking interval
  • Excellent fouling resistance for idle periods of up to 120 days
  • 95 per cent less biocide than traditional antifoulings
  • Vessels complying with a full Hempaguard X7 specification are offered a performance satisfaction guarantee

Hempel is on stand PG53

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