Bespoke propellers reduce fuel burn

CJR Propulsion uses its in-house Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) department to define the optimal set-up for a specific hull form
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CJR Propulsion has secured the contract for a complete propulsion and sterngear package for the new Mainprize Offshore support vessel the MO5.

The Seawork exhibitor was originally tasked with addressing issues related to fuel efficiency and vibration for the Yorkshire-based vessel operator’s existing MO1 support vessel.  At the time, the MO1’s propellers were causing excessive vibration under load and were not efficient, resulting in the engines burning too much fuel.

In response, CJR Propulsion designed a bespoke set of propellers, using its in-house Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) department to define the optimal set-up for this vessel’s specific hull form. The resulting simulations were tested, using over 20 million data points to understand the uneven flow of water around the propeller and sterngear.  Pressure variations were also analysed to accurately predict and reduce cavitation and provide a realistic indication of the level of minimisation in noise and vibration that Mainprize could expect.

Mainprize accepted CJR’s recommendations; the resulting propellers were manufactured within CJR’s Southampton manufacturing complex, certified to Class S, and installed on the vessel. On-the-water trials were then performed, the results showed a significant reduction in fuel burn for the same speed – equating to approximately 8–10% of annual usage.

The new MO5 is now in production and represents the latest in support vessel design.  Bob Mainprize explains:

“Following almost 5 years of research and development, many changes and fine tuning, extensive tanks testing, the highly anticipated MO5 is due for launch in May and in Europe in August. Fitted with the most up to date equipment and expected to out-perform any of the current 26-metre vessels in terms of comfort, transit and transfer height, we hope the vessel will become the new standard of offshore support vessels. Due to the proven quality and professionalism they have already displayed, Walker Marine Design and CJR Propulsion worked very closely to ensure the propulsion and stern gear system was developed to operate at maximum efficiency in many operating conditions and we have total confidence it will again exceed our expectations”

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