ASAP Supplies add Hellas Lights and General Ecology to their range

Hella Lights from ASAP Supplies

ASAP Supplies has found that Hella lights stop interference with electronics, so have added this new brand to its ever-growing range, along with General Ecology’s award-winning water purifiers.

With increasing popularity in LED lighting, there have been many new lighting brands introduced to the market. One issue ASAP Supplies found to be a common problem over recent years, is radio interference caused by the LED’s. This interference is picked up by sensitive electronic equipment on board, such as; FM radios, VHF Radios and AIS systems. The interference is caused by emissions given off by the LED’s, a by-product of these lights. The issue arises when manufacturers fail to control these emissions. Hella Marine, a renowned manufacturer of Marine and automotive LED lighting, ensures the emissions are released outside the scope of the electrical equipment. All Hella Marine lighting products are vigorously tested to ensure the emissions do not cause any interference.

ASAP recently conducted a case study with Audacious Marine based in Ramsgate. ASAP supplied a complete package of Hella Marine lighting which Audacious fitted to their 10 metre Cougar catamaran. The package consisted of, NaviLED Pros for all the navigation lights, DuraLED 12s for compartments under the deck, Euro LED 130s in the wheel house and DuraLED 50 LPs for the deck space.

ASAP Supplies, the boat builder, the electrician and the owner of the vessel are all very happy with the end result. Clint, owner of the Cougar catamaran, commented, “It was a 4 day steam home and the lights worked great, caused no interference. Absolutely over the moon and looking forward to getting out fishing.”  All the electronics on board, including radios, functioned well with no interference when all lights on board were switched on.

Paul Cannon, Owner of Audacious Marine, added, “The lights work really well and solved all the interference issues we were experiencing; we have tried several other LED options in the past with no success. We will definitely be offering these for future production.”

The light output provided by the Hella Marine products was of great quality, the wide angle (66 degrees) of light given off from the DuraLED 50LPs was more than adequate to light up the deck space of the 10 metre Cougar. The Euro LED 130 for the wheel house also has a very useful feature, allowing not only dimming of the lights but switching between a white and red light to preserve natural night vision.

ASAP Supplies continues to add new brands to its ever-growing range of marine parts and spares and is pleased to offer General Ecology's range of marine drinking water purifiers as well as replacement purifier filter elements and pre-filter systems, to its customers.

The award-winning water purifiers combine General Ecology's advanced "Structured Matrix" technology with the strength and endurance of modern materials to provide great tasting, safe water on demand. These filters excel at filtering out chemicals and aesthetic contaminants, including: herbicides, pesticides, chlorine, foul tastes, odours and colours. They dramatically reduce plastic waste and the need to buy and store bottled water. This concept is not available from any other product and protects against modern environmental and ecological water borne problems.

The success of "Structured Matrix" purification technology is continually proven by laboratory tests unmatched by competition with over 27 years of customer satisfaction. ASAP and General Ecology continue to ensure that their customers receive the many benefits of refreshingly pure, safe and great tasting water:

*Dramatic reduction of plastic waste
*No need to buy and store bottled water
*Quick & easy installation
*Effective & dependable
*Independently certified to meet EPA standards

See ASAP Supplies on Stand PG91.

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