Behind the European Commercial Marine Awards - E.P. Barrus

In 2018 E. P. Barrus Ltd won the Marine Equipment, Electronics & Materials category of the European Commercial Marine Awards for the new FourStroke Post Immersion Restart System (PIRS®) development, Capsize PIRS®.

Now over one hundred years old, Barrus is one of the UK’s leading importers and distributors of engines, engine powered products, garden tools and accessories. It operates across four diverse market sectors, marine, garden, industrial and vehicle.

Barrus also has a specialist design and engineering capability and is recognised worldwide as a leading custom-engine builder.

We asked Barrus about the award-winning project…

Tell us more about the development of the Capsize PIRS® patented system for four stroke engines.

Designed and produced by the Special Products Division, PIRS® was first introduced in the late 1970s for the RNLI and armed services and allows an outboard motor to rapidly restart after submersion by draining water from the engine. Over the years, the Special Products Division has worked on a number of new two-stroke PIRS® developments leading up to the latest GEN 2 FAST PIRS®, and now the FourStroke Capsize PIRS® adaptation.

Capsize PIRS® is fully automatic and integrated within the engine’s electronic control unit. The system ensures no water can enter the internals of the engine and is operated without removing the engine cover as, unlike a two-stroke engine, this can contaminate the oil and can cause serious component failures.

Environmental concern, durability of two-stroke engines and customer demand led Barrus to launch the FourStroke PIRS® project in 2015. We have now developed a patented system for Mercury and Mariner four-stroke engines.

What was the biggest challenge of the project?

Ensuring that the PIRS® would fit under the cover of the engine and work effectively!

Who are the key people in your company who worked on the project?

David Etherington-Smith, Sales Manager, Special Products Division and Jamie O’Connor, R&D Engineer.

David commented after winning the award, “We are delighted to have received the award for the latest FourStroke PIRS® development. After the hard work that has gone into this new system, it is great to receive recognition for the technology.”.

How has the industry received the project?

The industry has received the project well, and there has been a great deal of interest and customer orders

What’s next for Barrus Ltd?

We will continue to research and develop new innovations for the industry

Will you be entering the 2019 European Commercial Marine Awards?

It is our intention to enter the 2019 European Commercial Marine Awards

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