Corrosion resistant (CR) brass fittings now available from ASAP

Extended range of Corrosion Resistant fittings now available Extended range of Corrosion Resistant fittings now available
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Seawork 2014 exhibitor ASAP Supplies has always offered a range of CR (DZR) components but the complete range of Corrosion Resistant materials for intakes has been difficult to obtain - until now.

Customers requiring a full set of components can now benefit from an extended range - for all intake system requirements. The ASAP Seaflow range now includes CR (DZR) brass fittings, including elbows, sockets, equal ‘T’s, bushes, nipples, valves, adapters, nuts, washers, hosetails, skin fittings, strainers, as well as the original valves and hosetails in the Corrosion Resistant material. CR Brass components are BSP threaded and sizes up to 4”.

In the marine industry, DZR is the acronym for De-Zincification Resistant Brass; CR Brass stands for Corrosion Resistant. Despite the difference in title, the material is the same - a type of brass is designed to be used in harsh water applications and therefore OK to use below the waterline. 

To combat the de-zincification effect, raw materials are added to the compound and the fittings are heat treated during manufacture which ensures the material will satisfy the requirements of the standard de-zincification-resistance test. CR (DZR) brass is made to an international standard CW602N and should carry the CR (Corrosion Resistant) marking.

Other materials, such as bronze or stainless steel, are available and all can be used below the waterline (depending on applications), but CR (DZR) brass offers a more cost effective option, whilst still giving the security of having a good quality fitting which won’t deteriorate like standard brass. 

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