A Great British collaboration for Goodchild and Briggs Marine

Goodchild and Briggs Marine celebrating a Great British collaboration Goodchild and Briggs Marine celebrating a Great British collaboration

Goodchild Marine celebrated handing over their latest new 17metre ORC Pilot Boat, built in Norfolk, UK, to Briggs Marine.

Briggs Marine has secured a contract with Peel Ports to manage, maintain and operate the pilot boat service for Liverpool, and this new vessel is going straight into service there following the exhibition.  

Robert Baker, General Manager, Briggs Marine, comments, “This is the first of three boats of this type that is currently under construction at Goodchild and we are here today celebrating the completion and handover of this British built boat, constructed by British tradesmen to British quality for a British Port.   We chose Goodchild Marine to build our boats, as their quality is renowned and our bid to work with Peel Ports focused on quality and we wanted to deliver reliable efficient vessels for our customer. “

Alan Goodchild, Managing Director of Goodchild Marine, added, “The ORC Pilot design is new to the UK market, its main benefits are fuel efficiency, which plays a factor in commercial operation, also its seakeeping ability, but the bottom line is still quality.  We are not renowned for being the cheapest builder, but we will not build anything that is not good quality.  It is a  hard policy to stick to when times are tough and people are looking at their budgets, but we have stuck to it because offering inferior product is not good for the client or us long term.  There is a lot of innovation on this boat, which is another challenge for us to get new ideas and change to be accepted or adopted in this market, which we relish and its paying dividends for us now.” 

Alan continued, ‘We are delighted to launch this new boat here, we have been exhibiting at Seawork for 20 years since its inception and it has always has a fantastic atmosphere. You never come away from the show without seeing something new and it’s great to see how our product compares with the competition.  The one thing that is really unique in the marine industry is that we are all competitors but also great mates and you can’t get better than that!”

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