Umbilicals International

Umbilicals International (UI) designs and manufactures specialised umbilicals for air-diving and electrohydraulic applications.

These specialised systems provide vital life support, power, communication and video capabilities to ensure underwater operations can be carried out safely and successfully. Our diving umbilicals can be fitted to dive handling systems produced by our Group company, Caley Ocean Systems, providing a simple dive package for offshore operations. Every umbilical created for diving operations meets certification requirements and can be tested in the UI manufacturing plants. Our UK plant in Rosyth, Scotland can supply MBU’s, Wet Bells, excursion umbilicals, air-diving & subsea cutting umbilicals, with Houston operations focus on electro hydraulic umbilicals and longer length cables. Visit the Umbilicals team at Seawork to discuss any requirement for diving & electro-hydraulic umbilicals.

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