With 70 years of experience, ENAG is a well known name in the workboat industry for high quality electromechanical and electrical products suitable for intensive use and severe environments.

We  design and manufacture a wide range of both standard and custom built products. -Power electronics : battery chargers, DC power supplies, AC/AC and AC/DC UPS, inverters, frequency converters, electric heaters, GMDSS power supplies. New : Our  high power range of CDS4H  battery chargers designed for use in the toughest conditions with full power up to 50°C. - Electro-mechanics : AC and DC electric motors, generators, electric or diesel-electric propulsion. AC or DC axial and centrifugal electrical fans, water separators and grilles, fire dampers, heating and demisting ventilation systems. New : Hybrid propulsion  –  lithium battery sets


31 Rue Marcel Paul
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