Crown Marine Seats Ltd

Crown Marine Seats supplies high quality marine seating. We are exclusive dealers in UK and Ireland of distinguished brand names Recaro and Alu Design.

We offer a wide range in seat styles, pedestals, marine suspension units and deck rails. We welcome visitors to discuss HSC approved seats, whole body vibration (WBV) reduction, crew and skipper seat packages. Recaro Maritime has over 30 years’ experience in marine seating. The stylish bucket style leather Recaro Northsea is our best-seller. It provides safe and comfortable sailing, protecting the spine, with many adjustable features built in as standard. Alu Design are experts in ROV, offshore and drilling operator seats. Bespoke armrest solutions suit all environments. Alu lists Rolls Royce, Oceaneering, Kongsberg, Vard and many others among its client list.

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