Centa Transmissions

Centa Transmissions specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of flexible couplings and diesel engine drive equipment for all types of sea going vessels.

One call to Centa enables you to source flexible couplings, shafts, seals, pump drives and other components for vessels up to 100m in length. Couplings include the popular and highly flexible CENTAFLEX-AGM tailshaft coupling, the CENTAX-SEC-L and the super-lightweight carbon fibre shaft with CENTADISC-C coupling. Designed to overcome all types of drive misalignment, Centa makes it easy for marine engineers, naval architects and engine and transmission designers to specify all types of mechanical drive components through a single source. Find out more on stand PO3. Alternatively, you can contact the Centa technical team by calling 01274 531034 or email post@centa-uk.co.uk

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