Hukkelberg Boats

Hukkelberg Boats specialize in rugged, high speed workboats for tough professional use. With a 25-year track record from the international O&G industry, our heavy-duty hulls have proven excellent seakeeping properties, maneuverability and performance. Our wide range of hull designs and modular production concepts make our workboats ideal for applications such as FRC/FRDC, SAR, Ambulance, Patrol, Fire-Fighting, Personnel Transfer, ROV Inspection and Surveying. We also design and build state-of-the-art diving vessels for surface supplied, mixed gas / NITROX diving. All Hukkelberg Boats are designed and manufactured at our yard in Norway, to unyielding standards of craftsmanship and quality control. We deliver to Law Enforcement, Military, Emergency Services, Marine, Offshore, Aquaculture, Construction and Energy sectors worldwide under the trade names “SPRINGER”, “FLYING FISH” and “HUKKELBERG BOATS”.

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