AMI Marine

AMI specialise in recording, storage and playback of recorded vessel data.

Our recorders range from VHF with GPS/AIS recording, CCTV with audio, S-VDR and VDR systems. All vessels are at risk, whether it be a simple collision or a more serious incident. AMI provides a wide range of reliable solutions for vessel bridge safety, assisting operators to reduce incidents and increase efficiency. Our portfolio consists of optional equipment for smaller vessels including engineer tester tools, interfacing, Type Approved systems like SMIDS, ECDIS, BNWAS and data recording capsules. Our latest release mini data recorder, the X-MDR, captures vessel data like CCTV, Radars or Chart Plotter information. AMI’s “mini data recorders” provide cost effective recording with integrated playback software for smaller vessels under 3000GRT.

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