Amgram Ltd

2019 has been another busy year for AMGRAM, supplying Naval Architecture, Consultancy and Design to the workboat industry from offices in London, Shoreham and Bangkok.

We have been specifying a fleet of 14m Port Security Boats in the Middle East, providing design support to Holyhead Marine for an 11m ORC variant and structure kits for other builders. We provided expert witness services, developed new specifications, completed the innovative refit of a windfarm cat for NWIFCA, complete with a new Amgram RIB and are working with NMRN on the preservation of LCT 7074, as well as Warrior. We also provided design support services to Holyhead Marine for 9m ORC variants and to Lochin Marine, ASV, BWB and other longstanding customers for steel, GRP and aluminium craft.


St Julians Hall
68 Brighton Road
BN43 6RG