Meet the MoD

The UK MoD is divided into a number of sectors and representatives from all of these departments are available to discuss their needs with industry; both exhibitor and visitor at Seawork.

  1. The MoD Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) project and the UKTI Defence and Security Organisation will both be attending the exhibition again. They value this opportunity to meet with industry, both with their existing contractors, and also to support potential new companies, with the aim of supporting your business. This is a unique chance for industry to meet with the MoD and to establish and build relations to support your work.

  2. To help you with this, we are arranging a programme for the MoD and the UKTI teams to meet exhibitors, either on the exhibitors stand or on the UKTI stand.

  3. MoD. There are five categories of MoD (DE&S) visits for exhibitors:
  1. If you are a boat building company, the MoD team are more likely to want to visit you for a short presentation. Visits by the MoD to a stand should not last for more than 25 minutes. The MoD team will not have time to visit the subcontractors and this is where a short visit by you to the MoD stand may help - visits by companies to the MoD stand are aimed at 10 minutes.
  2. MoD tends to work with a handful of prime contractors, and therefore if your equipment is part of a boat construction or boat equipment system, they are unlikely to visit your stand: However if you call on them on the MoD stand, they will be able to advise you which contractors you should approach. 
  3. If your product or service is not to do with boats and boat equipment, but you wish to consider bidding for MoD contracts in other sectors, do please complete the form for a meeting with the MoD's New Business, expert who will be on the UKTI Stand. 
  4. Companies interested in supporting the MoD's in house Defence Science and Technology programmes will be able to meet a representative who can advise on how you might become involved. 
  5. Exports. If you wish to meet with the UKTI (Defence and Security), to discuss exports and to seek advice on defence and security export markets and opportunities, you should book an appointment with the UKTI specialists. This service is also open to visitors to the exhibition.

The MoD team will be giving their customary presentation at Seawork 2017, covering their intended procurement programme. This will be free to all attendees.

Tel: +44 1329 825335