Naval presence at Seawork

Every year Seawork invites a number of London based Naval and defence attachés as special guests to scrutinize the new vessels and marine equipment on display.

HMS Blazer at Seawork 2009Exhibitors can apply to have a meeting with these attachés to give a short presentation detailing their products and services.

Previous attachés in attendance at Seawork were:

  • Colonel T Dechemi, Defence Attaché - Algeria
  • Lieutenant General J A Morais, Defence Attaché - Angola
  • Captain F G Kouri, Defence and Naval Attaché - Brazil
  • Captain H T Harsch, Naval Adviser - Canada
  • Commander D Stovel, Joint Operations & Assistant Naval Adviser - Canada
  • Rear Admiral J Chandia, Defence and Naval Attaché - Chile
  • Navy Captain O Vargas, Assistant Naval Attaché - Chile
  • Navy Captain H Zhong, Naval Attaché - China
  • Colonel E Salminen, Defence Attaché - Finland
  • Commodore A Paidas, Defence Attaché - Greece
  • Commodore P K Banerjee, Naval Adviser - India
  • Colonel S Nurchahyanto, Defence Attaché - Indonesia
  • Rear Admiral F M de Biase, Defence Attaché - Italy
  • Captain V Iannelli, Naval Attaché - Italy
  • Colonel D Gjoshevski, Defence Attaché - Macedonia
  • Rear Admiral T Lopez-Hernandez, Defence Attaché - Mexico
  • Cdr R Zepeda, Assistant Naval Attaché - Mexico
  • Colonel M Erraji, Defence Attaché - Morocco
  • Commander K Loudiyi, Assistant Defence Attaché - Morocco
  • Colonel Rayamajhi, Defence Attaché - Nepal
  • Captain R H Campagne, Defence and Naval Attaché - Netherlands
  • Lieutenant Commander M S H Al Qasmi, Admin & Finance Officer - Oman
  • Rear Admiral G Hasembank, Defence Attaché - Peru
  • Captain A Tello, Assistant Defence Attaché - Peru
  • Brigadier N. A. Dharmaratne, Defence Adviser - Sri Lanka
  • Colonel L Ericsson, Defence Attaché - Sweden
  • Captain O Kocer, Defence Attaché - Turkey
  • Lt Col M Al Ali, Deputy Military Attaché - United Arab Emirates
  • Captain J Ambrosini, Defence Attaché - Uruguay
  • Captain W Dooris, Naval Attaché - USA
  • Wg Cdr G Lovell, MODUK FLS - UK
  • Cdr P Ingham, MODUK FLS - UK

Every year, Seawork also tries to arrange a visit by an RN Patrol Boat to support Maritime education and to provide short 30 minute trips around Southampton Docks.

Organised by UKTI Defence and Security Organiation.

Tel: +44 1329 825335