The Seawork App That Helps Pay for Dinner and Drinks!

08 May 2017
Make sure you download the Seawork App!

Make sure you download the Seawork App!

Is this free app just too good to be true? We investigate…

This year Seawork not only celebrates its 20th anniversary but the debut of the Seawork App! An exciting exhibition companion that is available to be downloaded now on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Blackberry World .

But what’s more exciting is the agreement with both the Oxford Street Traders bars (the Grapes, the London Hotel, Max’s Brasserie, the Olive Tree and Simons Bar) and Delicious Dining (Ennio’s, Puccinis, Rumba, Grand Café, Tapas Barcelona, Banana Wharf and Shrimp and Burger) have made to promote this exciting debut. The agreement is that; if over the 3-day period of Seawork you visit any one of the aforementioned bars or restaurants and show them you have downloaded the app, you receive a tasty discount, exclusive to Seawork app users only!

So, what exactly does this Seawork app do?

The Seawork App is designed to be the essential companion for anyone who is planning to exhibit at or visit the Seawork International Exhibition this year.

The App provides users with an interactive show map for fast navigation, access to a conference programme; enabling you to ‘favourite’ what you want to see and an exhibitor/visitor messaging service; meaning business is no longer restricted to the hours and site of the event.

New for this year is also the apps ‘Submit a Story’ feature, allowing exhibitors to contact our press team with their stand number to provide easier inclusion in the Daily Show News and the Seawork Newsletters. Not only does this provide exhibitors faster access to press services than ever before, but it also provides a place for visitors to let us know about their Seawork experiences.

The Seawork App not only ensures you never miss a Seawork moment again with the personal planner, interactive map and messaging service, but it also provides a range of other features to help make this the best Seawork yet! These features include; a Show News feed, Exhibitor List, Helpful Info for staying and eating at Seawork, Speaker Info, instant Social Media Access and a handy guide to this year’s Sponsors. Everything you could possibly need to make the most of your Seawork visit can be found right here on your phone or tablet device.  

So, what are you waiting for, download the app today! No visit to this year’s Seawork is the same without it.

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