Blueye Robotics hit the headlines

12 Oct 2017

Blueye Pioneer drone in action

Spirit of Innovation Award winner at Seawork 2017, Blueye Robotics have just become front page news in a major Norwegian business newspaper.

Dagens Naeringsliv, featured Christine Spiten, Chief Global Strategist & Co-Founder for Blueye Robotics, on their front page to showcase the full-length article highlighting both the global success of the company and the recent interest from a Chinese investor.

Blueye Robotics won the prestigious European Commercial Marine Award at Seawork for the Blueye Pioneer; the deepest underwater consumer drone that can dive to depths of 150 metres.  The robust stable HD Camera delivers true colours with super-clear image quality providing commercial marine companies with a lower cost alternative to a professional diver for performing water, harbour or underwater hull inspections.

Over 300 drones have already been pre-ordered via the online store, giving Blueye Robotics over NOK 11 million in the bank before the drones are put into production.