Vessel Owners/Operators

  • SR10
    Ian Darley has over 40 years, experience and has an extensive portfolio of maritime craft from multi-purpose work vessels, tugs, passenger craft to patrol boats and fishing vessels.
    Salisbury, United Kingdom

  • SB10
    Helsinki, Finland

  • PB109
    Maritime Craft Services (Clyde) Ltd
    Maritime Craft Services (Clyde) Ltd was founded in 1976 and own and operate Shoalbusters, Multicats, tugs, dive support vessels and crew transfer vessels.
    Ayrshire, United Kingdom

  • Q13
    MST Fleet Services
    MST Fleet Services is part of the hugely successful Marine Specialised Technology (“MST”) Group of companies and offers a full range of support and after sales solutions for commercial craft operators.
    Liverpool, United Kingdom

  • VA02
    Robust Boats Ltd
    Haverfordwest, United Kingdom

  • PB45
    Turbine Transfers | Holyhead Towing Company
    Turbine Transfers are a leading owner and operator of CTV's to the offshore renewables industry
    Anglesey, United Kingdom

  • PG123
    Williams Shipping
    Southampton, United Kingdom