Innovations Showcase

Located in a prominent area of Seawork's undercover exhibition area, the Innovations Showcase provides visitors with the opportunity to see, at one time and in one place, new products, projects and vessels that have been introduced by exhibitors during the past 12 months, all with a chance to win the 'Spirit of Innovation' trophy.

If you are an exhibitor and have a NEW product, vessel or project that was launched or completed within the last 12 months, something that is totally innovative as opposed to a product enhancement, you can apply to have it included into the Innovations Showcase. The Showcase and Award is a fantastic sponsorship opportunity for any organisation that recognises the wealth of new ideas, skills and technologies which exist in the commercial marine sector.

The Showcase is judged in six main entries, and a Certificate of Commendation will be awarded to the winner of each. To qualify, all entries must have come to market in the previous 12 months and provide a valuable insight into the latest in design, technology and applications.

The six categories are:Spitit of Innovation

  • Vessel Design & Construction
  • Marine Civil Engineering & Construction
  • Marine Equipment, Electronics & Materials
  • Diving & Underwater Technology
  • Renewable Energy 
  • Safety & Training

'Spirit of Innovation' is a hotly contested trophy for Seawork exhibitors who, in the past 12 months, have introduced and promoted products, vessels, services or projects to their key commercial audience. This trophy, which has been sculpted by John Mellows from Azure Dragon Design, will be awarded to the overall winner.

How do I enter the Innovations Showcase? It's simple! You have to be an exhibitor to enter a product into the Innovations Showcase; simply complete the application form provided in your online manual before the deadline specified. If you have been succuessful, a member of the Seawork team will be in contact.

Tel: +44 1329 825335