DiveWork Pavilion and Trail

A showcase for the commercial underwater industry, covering all sectors of offshore, inshore and inland activity.

Underwater Contractor International is the official publication for DiveWork, which consists of a pavilion and a trail. It also includes a DiveTank on the quayside where the latest underwater equipment and services will be demonstrated. Look for the DiveWork logo in the catalogue and around the exhibition for relevant stands, berths, conferences and seminars.

Features include:

  • Manufacture or supply of diving equipment or clothing, such as ROVs, AUVs, underwater cameras and breathing apparatus
  • The design, build or operation of dive or survey vessels
  • Seabed inspection, survey and salvage
  • Marine civil engineering projects within the coastal marine and harbour or inland waterway environments
  • The installation or maintenance of coastal or inshore structures such as windfarms or wave and current measurement devices
  • Training facilities and dive schools involved in safety or security
  • Full Dive Tank Programme - view it HERE

Divework Pavilion
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DiveWork Stand

Underwater Contractor International

The official publication to the Divework Pavilion is Underwater Contractor International.


Tel: +44 1329 825335