Exhibitor Comments

Comment from Andy White, Chairman, CTruk, exhibitor at Seawork2013

Comment from Andy White, Chairman, CTruk, exhibitor at Seawork2013

Some feedback from our exhibitors following the 2014 exhibition:

Charles Cleghorn, MD, Charles Cleghorn Ltd (C175) “Having attended the first exhibition in 1998 as a visitor and having participated ever since, we continue to be very pleased with the excellent pull that the exhibition has not only internationally but also among marine professionals from throughout the UK. We have made further new contacts and continue to use Seawork to maintain relationships we’ve initiated in the past. We’ve been so busy, we ran out of Exhibitor Enquiry forms.”

Marc Jaspers, Double D Marine Equipment: “Seawork has been excellent. A very good way for overseas companies to network in the UK.”

Calum MacDougall, Gael Force Engineering: “Very good Seawork for us. We’ve had some very good quality people coming on the stand, who are genuinely interested in our products. Definitely be back next year.”

Chris Wilson, MD, Versadock: “The logic of our ‘ten out of ten’ attendance (we’ve been at Seawork every year since 2005) is proof of Seawork’s value to all aspiring marine industry companies. The event spans all the varied elements of the maritime industry worldwide.”

Eamon Shaughnessy of Carark Ltd: “Thanks to our first time exhibiting at Seawork, the launch of our new MRM (Modular Raised Matting) has taken off in the commercial marine world. We have some major enquiries thanks to our presence at the exhibition. We would definitely return to exhibit.”

Garmin: “The key focus on the stand has been the new XHO radars and the Downvu and Sidevu sonar.  The stand has been really busy and we’ve been impressed with the quality of visitors, especially the increase in international guests. The success of Seawork in the UK is putting more and more emphasis on the possibility of attending Seawork Asia.”

Marathon Leisure: “It’s great to be here. Our decision to exhibit at Seawork has been fully endorsed. We’ve made excellent contacts and already written business in the commercial sector.”

Seawork 2014 was the first year of exhibiting for Marathon Leisure, one of the UK and Ireland's largest Marine Equipment Distributors. Company Director Tim Millinder says “We have seen great success at our first year exhibiting at Seaworks and are delighted with the potential client relationships that have been established. It has been very beneficial for us to both exhibit and attend Seaworks 2014, it’s been a fantastic show.”

Ed Tuite, Blyth Workcats Ltd: “It’s always good to be here and how it has grown. We have seen potential customers from the MoD through to single vessel operators. These solid enquiries will keep our yard busy through to 2015. See you next year.”

Zineti Anodes: “It’s our first time here and Seawork has worked hard for us. We represent Spain’s leading anode and cathodic protection specialists. The rapidly growing number of aluminium vessels in service has created a great opportunity for us.”

Guy Adams, Wessex Marine:  “This is the first time we’ve brought two vessels: the Targa 32 and the new XO270. It’s been an excellent place to launch the XO270 to the commercial audience in the UK and we’ve had 30-40 people commenting on the Targa every day.”

Tanguy Allais of Cherbourg-based MSIS Chantiers Allais: “We’ve had several useful enquiries from the UK and abroad and some excellent networking with potential suppliers and fellow exhibitors.”

Amanda Cetin, CTruk Workboats: “Three days well spent at Seawork International in Southampton this year. The show is living up to its name with a growing international visitor base as well as continuing to be the annual gathering of the UK commercial marine community. This year we saw a great MoD attendance too, so we really can meet buyers from a cross-section of the marine industry here. Well worth the investment.”
Paul Mahy, Delta Power Group: “Seawork can be relied upon to deliver the right people to the right doors – or berth numbers!”

Ruud Lievaart Sima Charters: “It’s been busy and we’ve seen some useful people.  Being at Seawork with this vessel has opened people’s eyes to using monohulls as wind farm service vessels. The demonstrations have also been particularly worthwhile for showing off the Volvo and Seakeeper equipment.”

Mark Whitton, Whitton Marine: “It’s the first time we’ve exhibited here, but I have been as a visitor before. The exhibition has delivered what I expected and we’re very likely to return next year.  It’s been a good way to promote our brand and the networking has created new business opportunities.”

Sean Strevens, Cheetah Marine: “Having the 9.2m, the 8.5m and the 9.95m all here has been very worthwhile. The 9.95m Sea Safari has twin 135hp Honda engines converted to run on petrol or Hydrogen, so that’s created some interest, and, we’ve sold two Optimus Joystick Control Steering Systems, as featured on the 9.2m, in the year since its launch here last year. This year at Seawork, we’ve had some good enquiries from Sailability organisations, which is great as they’re our preferred charity.”

Casper Vermeulen, Damen: “As usual, Seawork has delivered exactly what we expect.  Having the WindWave FCS 2008 on the pontoon has been useful as it’s introduced us to a new clientele.”

Steve Radford, Hercules Hydraulics: “Our year starts at Seawork and outlines what we’ll be doing for the next 12 months. The conversations we have here map out our activities for the coming year and allows us to expand our customer base, which makes for a healthier and more diverse company.”

Gary Ball, Director, Ship Builders and Ship Repairers Association: “We’re representing seven companies here and between 30 and 40 members have availed themselves of our facilities here. Our annual reception was successful as usual, with about 250 people present.  Being here is very useful for our members and we’ve recruited record numbers of new members.  The SSA has made a concerted effort to advise industry in general of the sound work being carried out by the Marine Industries Leadership Council, chaired by the Rt Hon Michael Fallon, Minister at BIS and DECC, and Gregory Darling, Chairman of the Gardline Group.”

Alex Robertson, Business Development Manager, Nauti-Craft, “Seawork as a commercial show has been a great place for a public launch and given us fantastic opportunities to meet many potential customers, both boat builders and end users.  The Nauti-Craft technology is a hydraulic suspension system for multi-hulled vessels.  This innovative design separates the hulls from the superstructure allowing the hulls to react rapidly to wave inputs and confirm to the ocean surface.  This provides increased levels of ride comfort and control in heavy seas, as well as a stable platform offering enhanced safety for crew movements.”

He continued, “We shipped a 1/3 scale prototype to Seawork from Australia in recognition of the award we won from the Carbon Trust, so it is an important relationship for us as it acts as a conduit to the Renewable Energy sector – specifically to the Offshore Wind Farm market.”

Chris Heyring, Nauti-Craft: “We’ve made quite a big investment coming here from Australia and we’ve been partly supported by the Carbon Trust, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. I have high hopes for the future on the back of this experience. We’re working on something new which we could be bringing next year, as it’s a great venue to showcase new technology.”

Jeremy Dale, Seasafe Ltd: “Excellent show.  We have been coming here for 15 years and every year it’s got better and better. We’ve launched a new product this year and the response has been great.”
Tilmann Fuchs, PM Shipping GMBH: “Good show so far. We opened up in this market a couple of years ago. We are at Seawork for the second time. We secured contracts last year and we think it will be the same this year. We will be back next year.”

First time exhibitors Charity and Taylor Electronic Services from Penryn announced its extended co-operation with Airbus Defence and Space at Seawork. The company specialises in the design and installation of electronic and navigational systems on a wide variety of workboats. The agreement means Charity and Taylor will now be able to supply a number of Airbus products to their UK marine clients, including Pharostar maritime VSAT.

MD Nigel Darling comments: “Been good, not rushed off our feet but have had some quality discussions with people. Made good contacts that we will follow up. Will be back next year.”

John Hughes, Demolition and Salvage Ltd: “Second year at the Show. We’ve had good fun, but more importantly we’ve made good business contacts. But better quality visitors.”

James Butcher, Solent Plastics: “This exhibition brings all elements of the marine industry together in one place. Best place to be to meet them. Third time at the Show, we see it as part of the mix to attract players small and large.”

Lee Chisnell, Taska Marine: “Our new small tug boat, the 903 with a shuttle leg for small marinas, has proved a real hit at Seawork. We’ve had people from Germany, Russia and all around the world that are interested. It’s been great. The boss is happy, he’s the designer. We’re a family business, there’s just four of us, the way things are going we might be getting a little bit bigger. It’s been good indoors as well as outdoors and we have some great contacts.”

Richard Gramser, Stormer Marine BV: “It’s our first show, so we didn’t know what we could get. People here are definitely our sort of clients. We have a good feeling about it. You never know but we will know more after a month.
We’re boat builders. This year we came without a boat. Next year we will try to get a boat here.”

Reaping the Award

Marship UK started Seawork in style, winning the Marine Engineering category of the Innovation awards and carrying off the overall Spirit of Innovation award.
The company picked up the accolades for their EDI Lub Oil Purifier which can extend the life of engine oil by up to four times.  

Director Peter Weide said he was very proud of the company’s achievements. “It gives us more kudos. We’ve been going for four years and are starting to become an established company.  We are now a company with a product that’s won an award at an international Show ”.

Ben Lee, Recruitment Consultant, Marine Resources Recruitment Ltd: “Seawork is the best exhibition for us as it is a trade show, and provides us with excellent opportunities to meet relevant clients as well as candidates at the same time. We generate a lot of new business both at the show and afterwards.  This is our 3rd year at the show and it has been very worthwhile for us.

Charlie Foll, MD, Atlantas Marine Ltd of Yeovil and winner of the Diving and Underwater Technology category in the Innovations Showcase with the Dextera Subsea Manipulator, commented, “Winning this Innovations Showcase Award throws a spotlight on a unique new product that we are bringing to market.  The Dextera is best described as an underwater Swiss Army knife for ROV’s, it is a multi use, variable speed tool with 3 jaw grab and multiple tool head options.  It offers exceptional sensitivity, strength and agility.   We are currently also testing a mini version for the Micro ROV market and will be testing it in August this year.”

Ben Shepherd, Business Development Manager, CQC which won the Safety category in the Innovations Showcase with the Fibrelight Rod Stretcher, commented, “The Innovation Award for a this product offers us a great method for promoting it over the coming months and we are delighted to be able to display the award here at Seawork.  It reaffirms to us the quality and innovative design of the new product we are bringing to market.   We are offering a new range of products drawing on our expertise in the military environment.”

Ursula Brzoska from Italian Shipyard, Effebi, said, “This is our 1st time exhibiting at the show and its been very busy for us.  We have met some important contacts for workboat and military vessels from many different countries - let’s see what happens after the show.  We were very impressed with the number of international visitors.”

Thomas Lamonby, Principal Engineer at Waltham Tech said, “We have made a lot of useful contacts at Seawork and exhibiting at the show has allowed us to show off our prototype product of vertical pipe clamp columns to gauge interest in it.  This has resulted in the decision being made to tool, produce and take the product to market.  The prototype was produced at our facility in Bishops Waltham and this is our 2nd year exhibiting at Seawork in the Renewable Energy Pavilion.  We would definitely come back again and we were far busier this year than last. “

Captain Toby Gane, OIC of the Recruitment Team, Royal Logistics Corps, observed, “The team have been doing a sterling job of getting our core message across, both recruiting and engaging with employers.  It is great for the Army to be getting out in the community and integrating into civilian life.  Wednesday was by far the busiest day and we hope to have recruited a number of people.   We also had a lot of discussion with various employers about the transfer of skills to civilian employment.”  

He continued, “We really want to get employers on our side, especially reservist employers who can really benefit from the skills gained from employee programmes.  A show like this allows us to demonstrate to employers that we are open and give assurances about the role of reservists.   Both Merchant Navy and Offshore Wind Farm sectors share a lot of skills and practices with the Logistics Corps and it’s been great to discuss what we do and the way we do it with personnel from those sectors.  We gained a lot more from exhibiting at Seawork than we ever imagined we would!”

Doug Vincent, Technical Sales, of Cowes-based Spinlock, remarked, “Seawork has been great for us, it gives us the opportunity to get in front of trade customers in different market sectors to our usual leisure base. Spinlock is a development led company and visitors here are really interested in our products, which have great visibility here at Seawork as they are worn by both military and police at the show generally and in on the water demonstrations. The visitors are from high-end companies who are interested in off the shelf products that offer good design, well-suited to commercial use. This is our 5th year at Seawork and next year’s date is already in the diary.”

Mike Burnham, MD, Seaward, commented, “Seawork is always the same – excellent for networking with existing contacts as well as meeting new people who want something from us.  The commercial boat building market is more buoyant than it was. We have been exhibiting at Seawork since its inception.”

Richard Wrench, Sales Manager, Tideland, observed, “Investing in a stand at the exhibition after sponsoring the Press Office has allowed us to launch new products, and we also sponsored the Harbour Masters Lunch on Wednesday which was a great success and raised our profile.  We also won a contract at the show to replace the lights on Dartford Bridge and picked up a lot of enquires.  Tideland is now holding stock in the UK to support the companies growth.”

Hogni Bergporsson, Technical and Marketing Manager, of Icelandic boat builder Trefjar Ltd, declared, “We had a great 1st day at Seawork with a few good enquiries.  Over the years we have exhibited a few times.  It is good to speak to our previous and existing customers, as well as targeted, potential clients.”

Paul Pringle, Commercial Director, Solarglide Ltd: "Our team made the six hour journey from Newcastle, to attend Seawork for the first time. We were amazed at the range of maritime professionals exhibiting and made some key contacts, vital to the success of our company. The visit was so successful, we are now planning to exhibit next year!”

Chrissy Winchcombe, Marketing Executive – Marine & Wellness, Garmin Marine: “There has been a lot of interest from visitors at Seawork in Garmin’s new xHD radars and our DownVu and SideVu sonar. We’ve been very impressed this year with number of overseas visitors, making this a truly valuable international trade show.”
John Arnold, UK Sales Manager, Torqeedo: “This was our second year at Seawork International and I was very pleased with the way the exhibition went for Torqeedo. We made good solid contacts from various business sectors, and look forward to building on the initial contact to increase our business of propulsion in the commercial sector. We will be back next year – this time with a Torqeedo powered boat on the water!”

Some feedback from our exhibitors following the 2013 exhibition:

Sarah Slater, Innovatum Ltd: "As a very niche technology company, Innovatum can reach potential customers at Seawork that we would never otherwise encounter. Every Seawork always yields real enquiries that make us return the next year."

Andy White, Chairman, CTruk: "Once again CTruk closed deals during Seawork 2013. This event is a great meeting place for the industry and a focussed business platform for us in the workboat sector. Numerous and above all high-quality visitors are essential to any exhibition’s success, and Seawork attracts them all."

Luke Webster, PM SHIPPING GmbH: "As a first time exhibitor, Seawork was a huge success for us. Our presence at the show resulted in hundreds of new contacts, numerous transport enquiries and most importantly, some bookings! Very impressed with the show and we definitely plan to exhibit again!"

Martin Jackson, Marine & Industrial Transmissions Ltd: "Seawork proved to be the place to be in June, We were again able to meet many new contacts, met with existing customers and friends. We came away from the show with a good number of new enquiries for products across our whole port folio. See you in 2014 we will definitely be there."

James Ward, Marine Resources: "Seawork 2013 Generated circa £50,000 of New Business for Marine Resources."

Jim Fraser, AMI Marine International Pte Ltd: "We thought that 'Seawork 2013' was a VERY well worthwhile exhibition, and is exactly our target market. We confirm that we will again exhibit in 2014."

Tatiana Flamant, NIBS: "The French say: 'The appetite comes with eating.' Our interest for Seawork increases from one year to another. In 2012 we discovered this event as visitors. In 2013 as participants. And there is no doubt, we will return next year with a great desire to exhange with visitors and exhibitors, but also to show the new technologies and ideas that we will certainly have at that moment."

@seaworkintl - Twitter comments during Seawork 2013:

PSP Logistics: Just won our second airfreight job which came directly from exhibiting at @seaworkintl and it's only a week since it started!

CTruk: @seaworkintl thanks to all the Mercator Media team for a great #seawork2013 last week. High-quality visitors and a great atmosphere to boot!

Fendercare Marine: Fendercare Marine announce signing of new contract with Micanti @seaworkintl

Rotec Hydraulics: We're having a busy week following up with contacts met at #Seawork 2013 @seaworkintl 

Caley Marina: @seaworkintl We're getting over our long haul back from #seawork Another successful show and are looking forward to the same next year :)

Icom UK: @seaworkintl Seawork was a great show ...thanks to you and the team for such a well orgnanised show.

Solent Plastics: Many thanks to @seaworkintl for a very successful show! Already looking forward to next year!

Daniel Thompson: @RotecHydraulics superb Seawork thanks. Loads of business to follow up on and lots of happy faces. Great to see so many exhibitors and visitors

James Ward: Thank you @seaworkintl for another fantastic show. Been really successful days for @MarineResources

Feedback from our exhibitors following the 2012 event:

Paul Williams, Clements Engineering: "Fantastic. Each year, Seawork gets better and this year’s exhibition proved a great confidence booster for the industry."

Andrew Harries, BMF Commercial Marine: "Brilliant! We’ve engaged with members who have really appreciated our presence and we’ve signed up significant new members."

Andy Ash-Vie, Harken: "It’s really been great. Lots of leads and a perfect launch pad for our PowerSeat."

Peter Edwards, ASAP: "The best place we could choose to launch our new catalogue. Seawork always delivers."

David Ash, Mantsbrite: "Great show! Successful. Seawork goes from strength to strength. The quality of enquiries has been outstanding this year and we’ve been at Seawork for 15 years."

Steve De’Ath, Red7Marine: "This is Seawork’s 6th year at Seawork. Yet again, the exhibition attracts specifically the type of people Red7 hopes to meet. It’s a great opportunity to network with customers, suppliers and competitors. Red7Marine will be a permanent fixture at future events."

Andy Scott, International Safety Products: "We’ve got some strong enquiries at Seawork this year and it’s proved the perfect platform for us to launch the new Duarry liferaft."

John Haynes, FRC International: "We’ve had hundreds of people on our stand from 30 different countries, so we’ll definitely be back next year."

Tim Eggert, Nautilus International: "Our support of the UKTI DSO initiative to bring naval attachés to Seawork has worked really well for us, as we had them all on our stand. We’re a defence-orientated company, so Seawork has been a very cost-effective way of reaching our target audience. We have also used the exhibition to meet our current clientele in the defence and maritime security sector. Our demonstrations of the Greenough Advanced Rescue Craft have also been really successful with the quayside lined with visitors. We’ll definitely be back next year with a stand of the same size or even bigger."

Ed Neal, Managing Director, Geosim Global Sim Card: “The level of interest in our Global M2M Service has been astounding with over 80% of enquiries being for M2M over our regular global Roaming Sim”.

Tim Goodman Director, Index Marine. “This is without doubt the best show we have attended for some time. We met all the right people and our new products have been extremely well received. Despite a challenging market we are experiencing a very busy year and this show has certainly contributed. Seawork seems to go from strength to strength, looking forward to next year!”

Steve Groves, Director Odeo Flare: “That was an exceptional show for us but the icing on the cake was winning both the Innovation Award and the Seawork Spirit of Innovation Award. We have been overwhelmed by the response of both the media and the industry to us wining which has supported our own confidence in this great product. We were certain Odeo Flare would change the way safety flares are used in the future and we are now well on our way to achieving that. Thanks Seawork.”

Andy Simms, Cooney Marine: “Seawork continues to grow into a progressive key chain for the marine industry.”

Steve Clark, Hypro Marine: “Seawork is great for making and sustaining contacts.”

Shaun Parsons, PSP: “Meeting people here has been very successful. Unlike some other exhibitions, people here are more approachable and willing to network.”

Ian Strugnell, Commercial Director Mustang Marine (Wales) Ltd: “As always Seawork provided excellent value for money – the show satisfied all our objectives, and we will be returning.

Christian James, Green Marine Solutions: “We received grant funding to be here in the Renewable Energy Pavilion and feel confident enough following this year to have our own stand next time. We have had good contact with potential clients and partners. Strong leads with follow up meetings to come that could see our products used by companies we had not considered; the RNLI in particular have shown interest in our PDA’s.

Mark White, Nelson Stud Welding: “We made our first ever sale at an exhibition, in 22 years! We are looking to grow our business in the marine sector and this is a great show for us to do that.”

Turner Marine: “This is our first year at Seawork - it was a very worthwhile event for us and we would like to return next year. We have made good quality contacts that are relevant to our industry and certainly would never have been able to generate so many quality leads in such a short space of time anywhere else.”

Andrew Bush, C A Clase (UK) Ltd: ”We have exhibited at Seawork for over 10 years and watched the show grow over the years. Seawork is a crucial part of our strategy in the commercial marine market. It is great to be presenting technology that allows crew so much more in communications, as we are able to offer very cost effective products in satellite data and voice connections.”

Robin George, McMurdo: “Seawork always attracts international visitors in the commercial marine sector and, as McMurdo exports over 80% of its products overseas, this exhibition is a good platform for us.”

Peter Smith, Meercat Workboats: “Seawork is an important landmark in our calendar each year and offers the only forum for the specialised market that we are in.”

Alan Hunt, Navitron System: “Seawork is an exhibition that has grown into a prestigious event with many international visitors. We have been exhibition here for over 10 years and are very pleased with the exposure that it provides.”

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